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Acquired 3 types of Certifications



In 2018, NLT acquired 3 different kinds of certifications to strengthen the quality, the operational and the technological management. 

Acquired IATF 16949 certification, which is an upgrade version of ISO TS 16949, to fulfil and systemize CSR (customer's special requirements). 

It is a necessary quality management system to acquire in order to carry out continuous improvements and defect prevention activities. 

Acquired MAIN-BIZ certification which evaluates management innovations in non-technical fields such as marketing and organizational innovation. 

Also, acquired Certificate of Technical Achievement which is carried out by a credit evaluation corporate to evaluate one's technical competitiveness and technology business capability. 

NLT was evaluated with T-4 which is higher than average companies in automotive industry. 


With these certifications, NLT is moving one step closer to be great in all areas such as technology, quality and operation and looking forward to gain more to keep being innovative.