NLT will become a corporate that consistently tests and overstep its limits.

Family company

We are moving forward to the bright future with family companies.

Introducing Family Company

To realize a high level of customer satisfaction and to secure a differenciated productivity, NLT built a good relationships and utilizes advantages of family companies such as specialized cutting solutions and tools and corporate focused IT solutions.


    MAPAL HiTECO is working closely at customer's sites with competitive products, skilled technicians, accumulated know-hows and reliable services. MAPAL HiTECO provides the best but yet differenciated solution for each customer and leads the field of precision cutting.

  • HiTECO

    HiTECO was founded to provide TMS and MMS business in 2011. HiTECO provide TMS(Tool Management Service) and MMS(Maintenance Management Service) that includes spindle repair, component supply, rapid A/S, and a total service system.

  • Elumisoft

    Elumisoft was established in 2011 as a partner for the computer system development of NLT and family companies. We provide the best solutions and e-service through HOS, TMS Software, SSS.

  • TAMS

    TAMS was founded as a specialized engine production company in 2016. TAMS is operating consignment of the whole factory process including production management, engine material processing, engine assembly, quality control, facility maintenance.