We are growing into a global company through continuous research.

Core·Innovative technology

We will lead new changes and innovations with creative technologies.


Securing technologies to compete at a global level & applying high-end technologies to our manufacturing fields.

In order to secure technological competitiveness at the global level, NLT is conducting research and development to automize the production and applying the results to the field.

In addition, NLT is also providing real-field focused core technologies which are needed to perform optimal production activities by designing process quality improvement standards.


Research & Development of innovative technologies.

NLT is going forward with the best employees and cutting-edge new technology. In addition, NLT is devoting efforts to R&D for sustainable growth with our customers based on already accumulated know-hows.

NLT provides customized jig designs, machining technology and special purpose machines to produce the best quality products for our customers and also, deeply involved in customer's new product development.

NLT considers customers first through systematic R&D by applying innovative solutions in optimized production system, efficient process design and quality optimization to grow sustainably in the future.


Production technology

NLT provides the highest level of production efficiency and the lowest level of machining costs by managing jig & fixture designs, core technology management, line automation and machining materials. Also, we are utilizing various techniques in stabilizing quality and production at an early stage.